Welcome to COMSTYLE

A regional-Australian graphic design and visual communications service with a regional-tourism focus

Hello! My name is Sharon. COMSTYLE is my opportunity to provide your regional business with affordable and flexible access to an experienced graphic designer and visual communicator.

Why focus on tourism?

Tourism is critical to regional sustainability | For those of us living and running businesses in regional areas, tourism is vital to our survival, and especially now the resource ‘boom’ is over.

More tourists = more dollars | Consider the following figures, taken from Tourism Research Australia. How much of this trade did your business enjoy?

For the Year Ending June 2018, Western Australia enjoyed the company of :

10.2 MILLION Aussie visitors who spent $7.0 BILLION

Close to 1 MILLION overseas visitors who spent $2.2 MILLION

And, for every tourism dollar, over 43 cents was spent in our regions.

Why focus on words and images?

A strong regional-visual language attracts tourism | Words and images are front and centre in all things tourism. Why? Tourists are excited by the look and feel of pristine natural environments, fresh local food and drink, and unique local activities.

Let’s get regional | The words and images we use to promote our businesses must also promote our region because that’s what tourists are interested in. We must become ambassadors for our region.

Your solution?

A regional-centred plan | The plan is to introduce regional businesses to ‘My Regionality’ –  a hands-on words and image design workshop to help you visualise your regional business for tourists.