Welcome to COMSTYLE

A regional-Australian graphic design and communications service

Teaching you how to think like a designer | Hello! My name is Sharon. COMSTYLE is my opportunity to provide your regional business with an affordable, DIY, design-thinking workshop. You’ll learn to confidently plan and prepare words and images like a designer for marketing your business to tourists. You’ll become your expert brand manager.

Why does COMSTYLE care about tourism?

Tourism is critical to regional sustainability. The following stats, taken from Tourism Research Australia, form the basis of COMSTYLE’s commitment to regional West-Australian business.

For the Year Ending June 2018, Western Australia enjoyed the company of :

10.2 MILLION Aussie visitors who spent $7.0 BILLION

Close to 1 MILLION overseas visitors who spent $2.2 MILLION

How much of this trade did your business enjoy?

COMSTYLE has a plan

It’s called ‘My Regionality.’ It’s a new design approach specifically for regional-businesses to develop a regional visual language.

So, let’s get together to make it easier for your regional business to attract the tourist dollar.

Lets develop a ‘My Regionality’ mindset and be ambassadors for our business and our region.

Let’s get to work!