What sets COMSTYLE apart from other graphic design services?

Well, I care that access to great graphic design and communications services is out of reach for most small regional businesses.

I’m aware that the pressures on regional business are very different from city-based ones. That regional business requires a different approach to design and communications.

Post the resource ‘boom’ regional businesses are looking to the tourist dollar to sustain themselves and their respective regions.

Consider this statement for a moment …

“For every tourism dollar, over 43 cents was spent in our regions.”

Tourism Research Australia

I’ve researched tourism in Western Australia and Australia in general and integrated key recommendations into the ‘My Regionality’ workshops.

The ‘My Regionality’ workshops are an affordable and straightforward image-making process specifically designed by me for small-regional businesses to develop tourist-focused words and images.

I’ll show you, step-by-step how to build a strong visual language using your authentic words and images.

You’ll no longer feel:

Overwhelmed or confused by the constant hype of ‘must dos’ and ‘must haves’ for marketing your business.

Pressurised to come up with ideas for words and images that don’t really reflect your true regional-self.

Awkward and uncomfortable about ‘hustling’ for ‘likes’ on your social media channels.

Despondent about the lack of traffic to your business no matter how much work you put into it.

How is COMSTYLE set up to serve you?

COMSTYLE is not about 9 to 5. I’ve organised my work-life balance to work with you:

  • during work and after hours (2 days/nights a week)
  • in a small group or 1:1 workshop
  • face-to-face or by Skype
  • and, coming soon, by an online ‘My Regionality’ workshop for you to work at your own pace.

Let me introduce you and your business to ‘My Regionality’, and together we can discover an authentic visual story for your business to attract more of the tourist dollar.