What is a truly-local image?

If you set-up, photograph and display a beautiful image, many will look at it and appreciate it.

But if you purposefully layer that image with a genuinely authentic LOVE for where and how you live, work and play, then many may imagine themselves there – they’ve connected with you and your place.

Why are truly-local images appealing to tourists?

Truly-local images show your potential tourists what to love and how to love it – where to be and what they could get up to there.

Truly-local images are what most of us unconsciously respond to when we search online for that somewhere special for a holiday or a quick getaway.

They are a combination of the right words and images and an authenticity which strike a chord with our wants and desires. They appeal to the tourist in us all. They help us to imagine ourselves there.

Why are truly-local images important to regional-Australian business?

The visitors we attract to our Australian-regional centres and surrounds help us sustain our regional lifestyles and natural environments – this is important to me as a regional-Australian resident and business owner.

Tourism is a willing ally in growing and preserving our regional vibrancy, resilience and conservation – new jobs, more opportunities, greater protection for our pristine natural environments.

Through COMSTYLE’s ‘My Regionality’, we can develop a personal and business regional-awareness. We can discover specifically what it is we love about our regional lifestyles and package it to market to potential tourists authentically and with integrity. Being genuine is attractive to our potential visitors – our allies in sustaining our regional lifestyles.

These ideas aren’t mine alone. Tourism WA and Tourism Australia have made available resources with relevant stats and information about who is visiting Australia and what they’re looking to do. I’ll be talking through some of their research in the ‘My Regionality’ workshop.

About the header image | I love it when visitors book in for some time with me at my almost-on-the-beach 70s shack (COMSTYLE’s nerve centre). It gives me a chance to showcase ‘My Regionality’ and reaffirms the reasons I moved to regional Western Australia.

GETTING THERE | Their trip down is part of the experience and adventure I want to give them, so I include local landmarks in my directions. It’s a laugh to hear their interpretation of my directions.

WHERE IS THERE? | The first walk to the beach along sunny, wide streets of holiday shacks and thirsty gardens slowly changes our conversation to childhood holiday memories or just plain nonsense – it’s liberating for them and me.

WHAT IS THERE | The first peek of the ocean as we reach the top of the dune brings a huge-collective gasp – it is a truly arrestingly beautiful sight.

BEING LOCAL | I try to keep everything local in my life food especially. In my region, crabs and crabbing are a huge deal.  I love it when my holiday neighbours generously share their morning catch – perfectly cooked every time! All combined, being local sets a slow and easy mood for a good time.

Introducing ‘My Regionality’

Let’s develop a strong regional-visual language to support regional business

‘My Regionality’ is a design-thinking process. It looks at the positive ways you can explore your personal experience of living regionally and integrate it into your regional business brand – your regional story.

My intention for ‘My Regionality’ is to show you how to discover, plan and make ready for market, your regional words and images.

It’s about making images layered with a genuine love of the fantastic things we have and share in our regional lives for which tourists, in turn, may enjoy too, and keep coming back for more.

‘My Regionality’ is the expression of us in our regional life – what I, you and we love about where we live, work and play. You can interpret it from many positive angles such as:

  • my originality
  • my reality
  • my personality
  • the personality of my region
  • how my region fits into my personality
  • how my personality fits into the region
  • the reality of my region.

Together, these interpretations form the identity of our region and regional business.

Our regional identity comes from us

Our Federal, State and Local Governments together with regional Tourism Bodies provide great information and opportunities for us to market our regional businesses to tourists. But I believe we are responsible for defining the visual identity for our regions.

A region’s uniqueness comes from ‘us’ the people who live in regional areas. Visitors are attracted to areas vibrantly defined by its inhabitants’ unique and shared love of place.

So, who better is there to tell our regional-story or invite visitors to pop in for a memorable experience?

Let’s get ’My Regionality’ working for you!