‘My Regionality’ workshop

What you’ll learn

Design-thinking basics | I’ll step you through design methods used for researching, planning and preparing words and images that appeal to tourists.

Tourism strategy basics | You’ll build your visual-communications skills and learn how to integrate key tourism strategies into your visual language.

Develop visual confidence | You’ll save valuable time and money as your design decisions work to improve your business.

You’ll no longer feel …

  • Overwhelmed by the pressure to come up with ideas for words and images that you’re not 100% proud of | I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a strong tourism-focused visual language using your own words and pictures.
  • Awkward and uncomfortable about ‘hustling’ for ‘likes’ on your social media channels | Armed with strong images and words you’ll confidently promote your business to tourists authentically and with integrity.
  • Despondent about the lack of traffic to your business no matter how much work you put into it | By practising the design-thinking techniques you’ll learn in the workshops you’ll develop robust visual strategies to eliminate wasted time and effort.

What happens in a workshop?

I’ll guide you through a series of thinking tasks where you’ll outline your regional image and word plan:

Your ‘regionality’ | Write a detailed description of what you genuinely love about your regional life and business. The details you include become your creative brief and forms the basis for your brand’s image and word selection.

Your reference library | Research and collect images, words and turn-of-phrase to inspire your own words and images.

Your style guide | Outline your image making style guide.

Your image-making plan | Draft a plan for your first ‘My Regionality’ image and caption.

There’s a workshop for you!

1:1 workshop

3-hour session | Monday – Tuesday | (mornings) 9.30 am – 12.30 am or (after hours) 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Affordable | A budget-friendly solution for an intensive workshop to set up your ‘My Regionality‘. You and up to two of your team can enjoy my undivided attention.

DIY | I’ll work beside you and show you how to extend your ideas, select images and words best suited to your business, compose a suite of image and caption templates for you to continue to develop your ‘My Regionality’ images.

Repeatable | Book in for this workshop anytime you want to do some advanced planning for seasonal events, special occasions or to update your look and feel for a new year.